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πŸ”΄ Step 1.
πŸ€ Send me message onπŸ€

πŸ”΄ Step 2.
πŸ‘‰Set up a TrustWallet account on your phone -

Please be sure to write down on two separate pieces of paper and securely store the 12 β€œRecovery Phrases” which are shown when setting up your TrustWallet.

If you lose these 12 keywords or they are not kept in the right order you will lose all access to your account forever.

πŸ”΄ Step 3. Fund your TrustWallet with ETH

πŸ”΄ Step 4. As soon as you’ve got your TrustWallet set up, tap on the β€œBrowser” section at the bottom of your TrustWallet app.

Into the β€œSearch or enter website URL” paste my invitation link:

πŸ”΄ Step 5. Scroll down to the section called: "Buy Spots”
Choose the $100 or $500 package (mandatory to lock in your spot)

πŸ”΄ Step 6. Join Super.One's Telegram Rewards πŸ€– Bot To Track Your Commissions! ❀️

To configure it, simply copy your "Receive" address from your Ethereum Wallet inside the TrustWallet and paste it into the bot.

πŸ”΄ Step 7. Enjoy the notifications every time new commissions hit your account. 🌟

πŸ—œοΈ Join WhatsApp Group:

SUPERONE Amazing Opportunity!!

πŸ“² A viral, skill-based gaming app built for the masses using blockchain technology, aspiring to create a huge community and monetise from premium games & advertising.

Affiliates of Super.One can earn from package purchases, game credits, advertising & service fees, creating a true source passive income.

πŸ₯‡ Super.One is for gamers as well as crypto enthusiasts of all levels.

πŸ₯‡ The combination of exciting gameplay and tangible, instant rewards is thrilling and infinitely rewarding, where you can swipe yourself to amazing prizes and raise your interests to the ultimate level!

πŸ₯‡ Super.One is laying the pathway to the future of crypto gaming.

Take your seat at the front row of this thrilling revolution, and let us see how far we can take this together!

πŸ—£ Check out this cool concept video here:

The Compensation Plan Summary:
🟑 10% Super binary for massive residual rewards
🟑 10% Super match on binary rewards from your team
🟑 10% SUPERCODE bonus to infinity
🟑 Rewards sent directly to your own wallet
🟑 Notifications instantly sent to mobile when payment is made

πŸ—£ Check out the Compensation Plan video here:

Minimum $500 package required to benefit from the Super powerful "SuperCode Bonus".

What Attracted Us To the Business?:
🟑 Super.One is owned by a Norwegian company founded in 2013 - MowJow
🟑 A very experienced and responsive Management Team
🟑 The "Gaming Industry" is among the biggest in the World and Now (during this challenging time) growing faster than ever!
🟑 We have seen their product already (a very early version - the game that comes out already this summer will be a lot more advanced- new presentation slides are showing this)
🟑 Great opportunity to create a TRUE Passive Income - every time when your team buys extra credits for games they play, you make money!
🟑 Less than 500 people knows about this so far (super early - but BIG LEADERS are now joining introductory calls!)
🟑 It's ONLY $100 to lock-in your Main Powerleg Position!
🟑 ONLY $500 to fully benefit from the plan!

Check out the Business Presentation:
pdf version:
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