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Instructions On How To Interact With Our Live Stream

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  2. To open the video & chat room click on the lower right hand “Watch on” in the video. You can MUTE the sound by clicking on the speaker.
  3. You can talk about any Bitcoin related topic 24 hours a day. Keep the Youtube window open on your browser so you DON’T miss any of the discussion. Join in offering Bitcoin content and your opinions.
  4. You can NOT share your affiliate link for your opportunity in the chat however you can POST your Bitcoin Related Opportunity(s) & Affiliate Link in our Facebook Group here:
  5. To keep the discussion going 24 hours a day we have programmed a BOT for the most FAQs. NightBot commands are as follows: (copy then paste command in chat room). The moderators will be watching for more FAQs that are not listed below and adding them as needed.


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