It’s a gold rush these days with Initial Coin Offerings & High Yield Investment Opportunities aka ICO’s/HYIP’s

Yes they are HIGH RISK Investment Opportunities but they do represent a chance to make lots of money with little to NO investment.
With the understanding these ICO’s/HYIP’s are HIGH RISK we have created a training course to teach you how to limit your risks when getting involved with these ICO’s/HYIP’s. You will find that training course located by CLICKING HERE.

Here’s what’s possible…

  • LiteCoin is a great example of an ICO/HYIP that really paid off.
  • At the time of this post it’s currently listed on the Coin Market Cap around $150 a coin.
  • It launched around $.30 a coin
  • At the time of this post just a $100 investment, when it launched, would be worth $45,000 or $450,000 if you came in with $1,000!
  • Ethereum is another example.
  • At the time of this post it’s currently listed on the Coin Market Cap around $800 a coin.
  • Several months ago it was selling as low as $7 a coin.
  • A $100 investment back then would be worth around $70,000 or $700,000 today if you came in with $1,000.
  • Just imagine the many investors who came in with $10,000!
  • Daily interest rates paid on the loans to these ICO’s/HYIP’sto you – range from .5% to 10% per day.
  • Affiliate Referral Bonuses range from 1% to 10% – even as high as 50%.
  • That’s the power of these ICO’s/HYIP’s.
In the training course – found by CLICKING HERE – you will learn how many of our business partners limit their risk by investing small amounts into the several NEW ICO’s/HYIP’s we recommend in our Bitcoin Rollers Platforms. Using the example of Ethereum which we just talked about – if you only invested $10… that $10 would have turned into $700 as of the time of this post.
In the training course you will also learn how to “USE OTHER PEOPLES MONEY” to invest into these ICO’s/HYIP’s… with absolutely NO RISK AT ALL!.

Attention Owners, Promoters & Affiliates Of ICO’s & HYIP’s

If you own or are a promoter of a NEW ICO or HYIP  we would like to talk to you about having our Bitcoin Rollers Marketing Group be part of your advertising and marketing efforts.
Here Are A Few Qualifications Your Offer Needs To Bring To Our Powerful Marketing Family:
  1. The ICO needs to be in pre-launch status
  2. The HYIP can be new or seasoned.
  3. Needs to offer lucrative affiliate commissions
  4. The ICO tokens should be very affordable and offered in dated stages
  5. Free ICO tokens and coins for joining would be impressive
  6. Any additional incentives you can offer – for our marketing group to get excited about promoting your ICO/HYIP – would be POWERFUL!
What We Offer:
    1. Your ICO/HYIPor any biz opportunities you are working – showcased in all of our Powerful Marketing Platforms
    2. This Bitcoin Rollers Platform you are looking at right now.
    3. The Sizzle Call Marketing System found here:
    4. The JV Coop Club found here:
    5. The “ALL THE HYIP Monitor” found by CLICKING HERE
    6. Facebook Groups found HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE
    7. Your biz opportunities – does not need to be Bitcoin related – sent to 50 top social networking sites monthly.
    8. The Youtube LIVE STREAM 24 hour chat room found by CLICKING HERE
    9. A series of timely Youtube Videos focused on your ICO/HYIP launch and opportunity found by CLICKING HERE
    10.  An extensive training course on how to invest into Bitcoin related opportunities found by CLICKING HERE
    11. A weekly Bitcoin/Altcoin GIVE AWAY to the visitors of our powerful marketing platforms found below…

Bitcoin Crypto Free Give Away

Here’s a sample of a ICO video we produced  for one of our partners – would you like us to produce a video like this for your ICO(s)?

Here’s another sample of a HYIP video we produced  for one of our partnerswould you like us to produce a video like this for your HYIP(s)?

Your HYIP Affiliate Coop Link will ALSO be placed in the All The Hyip Monitor found by CLICKING HERE

If You Are An Owner, Promoter or Affiliate Of A ICO/HYIP You Need To Follow These Instructions To Get Started:

  1. Join the $10 Sizzle Call Marketing System through one of our Coop partners by going here: When you land on his/her landing page make sure you watch the tour video then scroll down to check out their money making opportunity(s). Keep scrolling down and you will find out how to pick up your own Sizzle Call Phone Number then register the number and YOUR money making opportunity(s) (your opportunity(s) do not NOT need to be Bitcoin related) allowing us to build your own Sizzle Call Landing Page.
  2. Now join the Joint Venture Coop through one of our Coop partners by going here: When you join the Coop, for $20, the participating JV Coop Partner will make $10. As you can see ALL IT TAKES IS -2- JV PARTNERS to pay for their $20 per month membership. Once you join you will send us YOUR JV Coop Affiliate Link and we will place YOU in the Joint Venture Coop (this Coop and through the marketing efforts of the Bitcoin Rollers Group, once YOU have -2- JV PARTNERS your $20 will be paid for. Thereafter every new JV Partner who joins under YOU will be in the profit.

    As a JV Coop Partner you will have hours of video training on how to promote, build and market any money making opportunity you are working found by CLICKING HERE.

  3. You will also have a BACK OFFICE where you can check your STATS of each Coop you are participating in.
  4. And YES… Those who call your Sizzle Call Phone Number we will personally contact and do the selling for YOU…

    “for any money making opportunity you are working & does NOT need to be Bitcoin related”

  5. Now… using this email send us your ICO/HYIP affiliate link, your Sizzle Call Phone Number and your JV Coop Club Affiliate Link and we will place you in the Coop rotation in ALL of our marketing platforms.
  6. YES… You can place unlimited ICO’s/HYIP’s in the JV Coop our Bitcoin Roller Partners are participating in at no additional charge! For a list of ICO’s/HYIP’s you can join for FREE CLICK HERE!

We plan on adding more videos about upcoming ICO’s/HYIP’s – in the next few days / weeks – so make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be notified!


If You Have REGISTERED – In The Drop Down Window Above – You Will Be Notified Of The Next ICO/HYIP Our Group Will Be Promoting – WILL IT BE YOURS?

If you have questions join us in the LIVE chat room by CLICKING HERE

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I’m sitting at my computer ready to do the marketing and selling for “any money making opportunity” you are working & does not need to be Bitcoin related!

Harvey The Silver Fox

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