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It’s a gold rush these days with Initial Coin Offerings & High Yield Investment Opportunities aka ICOs/HYIP’s

Yes they are HIGH RISK Investment Opportunities but they do represent a chance to make a lot of money with little to NO investment.
With the understanding these ICO/HYIP’s are HIGH RISK we have created a training course to teach you how to limit your risks when getting involved with these ICO/HYIP’s. You will find that training course at the bottom of this post.

Here’s what is possible…

  • Bitconnect is a great example of an ICO/HYIP that really paid off.
  • It’s currently listed on the Coin Market Cap around $300 a coin.
  • Just a $100 investment 10 to 12 months ago would be worth $44,000 or $440,000 if you came in with $1,000!
  • Ethereum is another example.
  • It’s currently listed on the Coin Market Cap around $1,300 a coin.
  • Several months ago it was selling as low as $7 a coin.
  • A $100 investment back then would be worth $90,000 or $900,000 today if you came in with $1,000.
  • Just imagine the many investors who came in with $10,000!
  • Daily interest rates paid on the loans to these ICOs/HYIPsto you – range from .5% to 10% per day.
  • Affiliate Referral Bonuses range from 1% to 10% – even as high as 50%.
  • That’s the power of these ICOs/HYIP’s.
In the training course – at the bottom of this post – you will learn how many of our business partners limit their risk by investing small amounts into the several NEW ICOs/HYIPs we recommend in our Bitcoin Rollers Platforms. Using the example of Ethereum which we just talked about – if you only invested $10… that $10 would have turned into $900 as of today.
In the training course you will also learn how to “USE OTHER PEOPLES MONEY” to invest into these ICOs/HYIPs… with absolutely NO RISK AT ALL!.

Attention Owners & Promoters Of NEW ICOs & HYIPs

If you own or are a promoter of a NEW ICO or HYIP  – that is NOT listed on our Bitcoin Rollers Platforms – we would like to talk to you about having our Bitcoin Rollers Group be part of your advertising and marketing efforts.
Here Are A Few Qualifications Your Offer Needs To Bring To Our Powerful Marketing Family:
  1. The ICO needs to be in pre-luanch status
  2. Needs to offer lucrative affiliate commissions
  3. The tokens should be very affordable and offered in dated stages
  4. Free tokens and coins for joining would be impressive
  5. Any additional incentives you can offer – for us to get excited about promoting your NEW ICO/HYIP – would be appreciated
What We Offer:
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Using this email send us your IRRESISTABLE new ICO/HYIP offer with contact info.

We will produce a series of LIVE STREAMING videos about YOUR ICO/HYIP… like we have for this one found below.

When you join any of the ICOs/HYIP’s in our Bitcoin Rollers Platforms you will be joining through a participating member of our JV Coop Club!

Most Are Free To Join & Promote

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YES… you can join these new ICO/HYIP’s without joining the Sizzle Call Marketing System & JV Coop to promote and make money with them yourself.

However if you want to have us do the selling & marketing for you…

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Here Is A ICO/HYIP One Of Our Bitcoin Roller Partners Is Currently Participating In…

You do NOT need to become a member of the JV Coop to join, invest and make money!

Keep in mind when you join you will be joining a participating partner of our Coop.

This Is A Limited Time Offer & Could Expire At Any Time!


LENDEX peer-to-peer lending platform built on blockchain technology.

This Is A Limited Time Offer & Could Expire At Any Time!

There will be ONLY 500,000 tokens selling for $.80 Jan 20th 2018

Also Earn FREE Tokens by becoming an Affiliate and refer others by clicking here!

Feb 8th 2018 will be the last day offering ONLY 500,000 tokens at $1.20 each

Those who buy tokens Jan 20th 2018 for $.80 come Feb 8th 2018 they will appreciate $.40!

We plan on doing a few update videos about LENDEX’s progress – in the next few days – so make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be notified!

If You Miss This Limited Time Offer “NOT TO WORRY”

  If You Have REGISTERED – In The Drop Down Window AboveYou Will Be Notified Of  The Next ICO Our Group Will Be Promoting!

What Is Lendex?

Lendex, found online at, is a peer-to-peer lending platform built on blockchain technology. That platform is built to offer loans to unbanked and underbanked individuals in Asia. Lendex is specifically targeting the platform at customers in Central and Southeast Asia.

The ultimate goal is to narrow the gap between rich and poor by encouraging financial inclusion in consumer lending. The Lendex pre-ICO begins on December 1. A whitepaper has not yet been released online (as of October 27), but the company does have a one pager you can read.

Lendex was developed in Kazakhstan, home to Central Asia’s largest economy.

What Problems Does Lendex Seek To Solve?

Lendex is focusing its solution on Asian markets with a total population of 700 million. Over 70% of those 700 million are underbanked. That means they’re unable to access credit, struggle to access conventional banking services, or have no type of banking services whatsoever. The end result, according to the Lendex website, is that 500 million people are excluded from the traditional financial system.

Of course, lenders can’t just give loans to these people. You can’t send money to someone with no credit history and expect to get it back 100% of the time. However, lenders don’t have a practical and economically viable way to lend to these individuals across borders. There’s no reliable credit scoring system, background check process, or verification system in place. Debt collection across borders is also difficult.

Meanwhile, banks typically don’t offer small loans, and larger loans are not widely available due to limited infrastructure – especially in rural areas, which is where most underbanked individuals reside.

Lendex believes it can solve all of these problems using blockchain technology.

How Does Lendex Work?

Lendex is creating a solution that combines centralized and decentralized processes. Some of the key parts of that solution include:

Lendex P2P Loan Management Platform:

The Lendex P2P loan management platform is the source of modular loans, credit underwriting, and IT infrastructure for the platform. These processes will be integrated with external data sources, then deployed and maintained by the Lendex team locally in each market.

Distribution Partner Network:

Lendex’s distribution partner network is integrated with their platform (the one we just mentioned above) to provide seamless transactions. These transactions occur over the blockchain. A network of loan distribution and collection field partners and agents are based on the ground locally to ensure Lendex is maintaining fully compliant lending operations in fiat currencies. These individuals also provide a range of functions, including customer onboarding, credit scoring, and risk assessment for debt collectors.

Crypto-To-Fiat Gateway:

This gateway allows Lendex to provide loans in fiat currencies while reducing cryptocurrency volatility for customers. This gateway will link LEN tokens to national currencies in Lendex’s target markets.

Overall, Lendex uses the same lending and borrowing process as similar blockchain-based lending platforms:

Borrowers apply for a loan, undergo KYC verification, then view a selection of loan portfolios available

Lenders, meanwhile, launch an account Lendex, then invest in different loan pools; investors can top up their balance at any time and make consistent profits

Loan portfolios are ranked from A to F, based on a scale of safety. A means lower returns but higher guarantees, while F means higher returns but lower guarantees.

Who’s Behind Lendex?

Lendex is led by Alexei Sidorov (CEO). Other key members of the team include Gaziza Onalbayeva (CFO), Aitolkyn Meirmanova (COO), Zhenis Mukhiyev (CMO), Askar Toksanbayev (Director, Investor Relations), and Vladimir Kislitsyn (CTO). The company and its team is based in Kazakhstan.

Sidorov, the CEO of the company, is described as a serial fintech entrepreneur. The team has launched multiple online lending platforms throughout Central Asia with a total registered userbase of 400,000+ users.

With Lendex, they aim to cater to markets in Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

The Lendex ICO

The Lendex pre-ICO begins on December 1, 2017. A general ICO is scheduled for January 2018.

During the crowdsale, you can purchase LEN tokens. We don’t have much information about the ICO at this time, although more information should become available with the launch of the whitepaper.

Lendex Conclusion

Lendex is a blockchain-based lending platform catered to underbanked or unbanked individuals in Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Developed in Kazakhstan, home to Central Asia’s largest economy, Lendex will use LEN tokens and local offices to facilitate seamless lending for customers throughout the target markets.

The pre-ICO for LEN tokens begins in December, with an ICO scheduled for early 2018. You can learn more by visiting Lendex online today at

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