Bitcoin Give Away Qualifications

No Purchase Required BUT You Must Be Active

  1. You need to subscribe to our Bitcoin Opportunities Youtube Channel by CLICKING HERE
  2. You need to LIKE and place a positive comment on each video we produce.
  3. If you have not already you need to register (at the top of this page) to be notified if YOU WON “My Bitcoin Give Away”…
  4. You must be active in our LIVE ROOM offering positive feedback.
  5. You need to register at our Facebook Joint Venture Coop Group by CLICKING HERE
  6. In the Facebook Joint Venture Coop Group, with all new posts our JV Partners receive,  you need to “Share & Comment”.
  7. Your POSITIVE comments in our POST (like the one you are looking at now) will be well rewarded!
  8. We pay the Bitcoin Give Aways in Cryptocurrency using YOUR wallet address. If you do not have a wallet CLICK HERE to create one so you can be paid. We will be asking for your crypto address so be ready to give it to us!
  9. If you do not have an exchange CLICK HERE to register for an exchange.

The Amazing Bitcoin Give Away

Once a week we will award FREE ALTCOINS to those who are the MOST active in our Bitcoin Rollers related platforms!

Get Started Now By Placing A Positive Post In The Comments Below & Make Sure You Register In The PopUp Window Above Because That Is How You Will Be Notified If You Are A Winner.


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