It’s a gold rush these days with High Yield Investment Opportunities aka HYIP’s

Yes they are HIGH RISK Investment Opportunities but they do represent a chance to make lots of money with little to NO investment.
Most HYIP’s offer from ZERO to hundreds of dollars as an investment.

Here’s what is possible…

  • Daily interest rates paid to you range from .5% to 10% per day.
  • Affiliate Referral Bonuses range from 1% to 10%.
  • That’s the power of these HYIPs.
Many of these HYIP offerings allow you to join for FREE allowing you to make from 1% to as much as as 10% on the new member’s initial deposit.
When you join any of the HYIP’s on this page you will be joining through a participating member of our coop.

Here’s how it works:

As a Joint Venture Coop Partner, having bought the Sizzle Call Marketing System for $10 per month and joined the Joint Venture Coop for $20 per month (for a total of $30 per month), you will have the opportunity to join every HYIP our Bitcoin Rollers participates in. CLICK HERE to see the ones we are in!

Most Are Free To Join & Promote

Since most of these new ICO offerings are FREE to join your only cost to make money from those who join under you will be $30 per month and our Bitcoin Rollers Group will do the marketing for you through the JV Coop. In other words you do not need to personally advertise these new HYIP’s yourself – just let the coop do it for you!
You can join these new HYIP’s without joining the Sizzle Call Marketing System & JV Coop to promote and make money with them yourself or if you want have our Bitcoin Rollers Group do the marketing for you in our chat room.

You Need To Follow These Instruction To Get Started:

  1. Join the $10 Sizzle Call Marketing System through one of our coop partners by going here: When you land on his/her landing page make sure you watch the tour video then scroll down to check out their money making opportunity(s). Keep scrolling down and you will find how to pick up your own Sizzle Call Phone Number then register the number and YOUR money making opportunity(s) allowing us to build your own Sizzle Call Landing Page.
  2. Now join the Joint Venture Coop through one of our coop members by going here: When you join the coop, for $20, the participating JV Coop Partner will make $10. As you can see ALL IT TAKES IS -2- JV PARTNERS to pay for their $20 per month membership. Once you join you will send us YOUR JV Coop affiliate link and we will place YOU in the Joint Venture Coop (this coop and through the marketing efforts of the Bitcoin Rollers Group once YOU have -2- JV PARTNERS your $20 will be paid for. Thereafter every new JV Partner that joins under YOU you will be in the profit. As a JV Coop Partner you will have hours of video training on how to promote, build and market any money making opportunity you are working.
  3. You will also have a BACK OFFICE where you can check your STATS of each coop you are participating in.

If you have questions join us in the LIVE chat room by CLICKING HERE

Here Is A HYIP One Of Our Bitcoin Rollers Group Is Currently Participating In…

You do NOT need to become a member of the JV Coop to join invest and make money!

Keep in mind when you join you will be joining a participating partner of our Coop.

This Is A Limited Time Offer & Could Expire At Any Time!

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