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James Howells, the IT worker who unwittingly discarded a hard drive containing what is now estimated to hold $75 million worth of bitcoin, knows where the missing drive is, but he can not retrieve it. That is simply because the city in which the fortune is buried won’t allow him to dig in the landfill.

The missing drive is sitting somewhere beneath 200,000 tons of garbage in a Newport, South Wales landfill.

Drive Gets Trashed

Howells utilized an old laptop to mine a total of 7,500 bitcoins in 2009. Shortly thereafter, he sold the components to the Dell M1710 on eBay after his girlfriend complained about the mining’s noise. He kept the drive in a drawer, just in case the bitcoins did enhance in worth. But he forgot about the drive, and 4 years later, he discarded it with the trash.

Howells has not been in a position to get permission from city council to dig into the landfill to retrieve the hard drive. This would require specialized gear that is generally employed in criminal investigations.

He was told that police had to go digging would want a group of 15, which includes diggers with mandatory individual protection gear. He couldn’t fund such an operation, so he set up a wallet for donations:

City Council Denies Permission

A Newport City Council spokesperson stated a individual has contacted them about retrieving IT hardware containing bitcoins, but the council has balked on account of the charges of digging up the landfill and treating the waste. Such work would be millions and be environmentally harmful, with no guarantee that the drive would be recovered. About 50,000 tons of waste is added to the landfill each year.

A city council spokesperson stated the drive has likely suffered extreme galvanic corrosion from landfill leachates and gases. The landfill is not open to the public.

Howells has the public address for his bitcoin, so he knows the bitcoins have not been moved. Basically due to the fact the data is encrypted, any individual who finds the drive would require to have Howells’ help to access it.


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